Current status: Step 1 re-opening. The safety and well-being of the Manotick Tennis Club (MTC) members and our local community is our top priority while returning to the sports we love. MTC has developed this safety plan to provide players with a safe, effective and enjoyable environment, while at the same time limiting the risk and aiming to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This safety plan is described below, is available in detail as a PDF document and is posted at the Club.


  • Member registration is online only to keep staff and volunteers safe.

  • MTC will adhere to all guidance from the City of Ottawa.  Guidance varies depending upon the “restriction zone” we are in and is subject to change.  Members will be kept informed of what restrictions are in place as they change.  During lockdown play is singles only for tennis and pickleball. 

  • NEW – During Grey and Lockdown restrictions, MTC is required to screen users of the facility prior to entry.  

  • Guest privileges also depend on level of restriction. During Grey and Lockdown, courts are open for MTC members, but guests are not permitted

  • Clubhouse is closed during Grey and Lockdown restrictions.  Access to courts is via the main gate on court 1 only.  

  • Clubhouse will be open to access washroom and first aid supplies only when able to meet the public health requirements to sanitize touchable surfaces, facilities and equipment. When this cannot be achieved, the clubhouse will remain closed. 

  • Leagues, ladders and group lesson activities will be scheduled while adhering to the Covid-19 Provincial regulations regarding maximum number of participants. 

  • Junior programs will be conducted within a reduced capacity that corresponds with public health guidelines. 


  • Do not play if you are sick, exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. 

  • Anyone who receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, and has been onsite within the previous 14 days should notify the MTC in confidence at   MTC can then communicate to other participants and staff in an anonymous capacity if there is a higher risk or cause for concern depending on the time, location and duration of the positive case while at MTC.

  • Successfully complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire every time you play.  The questionnaire must be completed on the day of play. You may complete the screening on our website, or scan the QR code by the club entrance and complete on-site. Upon completing the questionnaire, members should receive their “check” that they are ok to play.


  • Reserve your court online at Drop-in play is not permitted.  If you are using the court alone for practice session, use “Practice”  in booking system. 

  • Guests are not permitted. 

  • For singles, book for 60 minute time slots only. 

  • In prime time, book for 60 minutes only(8-10am Monday to Friday, 6-8pm Monday-Thursday)

  • Washroom facilities or court lighting may not be available. Please plan accordingly.  

  • Water may not be available - bring your own water.  

  • Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the scheduled court time.

  • Bring hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands before entering the courts and on leaving.

  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for at least 20 seconds before coming to play.


  • Enter courts through the gate beside the clubhouse.

  • Only enter court area when the court you reserved is vacant. Wait in your cars if possible and stand back and allow others to leave the fenced area before you enter.

  • Not bring spectators. No-one other than players are allowed on the court. 

  • Always maintain appropriate distance (2-3 meters depending on public health zone) from others at all times, sanitize hands and equipment regularly, limit handling of others’ equipment and tennis/pickleballs, bring your own water, sanitize your hands prior to leaving.

  • Mandatory wearing of mask: Masks must be worn at all times except when in active play. 

  • When you finish playing bring your garbage and leave the fenced court area promptly. Do not gather in groups or congregate on the courts or near the gate or fence.

  •  Do not share equipment with other players (except balls)

  • ​Avoid all physical contact and respect current physical (social) distancing restrictions as much as possible when playing and at all times when not playing.​

  • ​If you cough or sneeze, do so in a tissue or in your sleeve​

  • Avoid touching your face after manipulating a ball, racquet/paddle or when you hit the ball to another player

  • ​Avoid touching gates, nets and all other objects


  • Leave courts a few minutes BEFORE your scheduled play period is over. Out of courtesy to other members, make sure that your court is available when it is supposed to be.

  • Take everything off the court. Do not leave any garbage. There are no garbage cans. 

  • If you use a chair belonging to the club, please wipe it down after use.

  • Maintain 2m distance as you walk behind other courts to exit.